Japanese descendent

To work in Japan

To those who are currently working in Japan, or those who are thinking to work in Japan in future

We know that you work as hard as you can.
We know that it is very tough to work in foreign country.
We know that what kind of support you need.
We know that there are a lot of surroundings such as visa, family, home country and all that.

We have built up a lot of actual achievement on employing foreigners.
That means we shared a lot of times in deeply thinking over your way of thinking.

As working in Japan, what’s most important for stable life is to know the way Japanese think, and also to understand the way Japanese do.

Not only learning and understanding Japanese mentality and what Japanese and Japanese businesses care but adapting yourself to Japanese culture will lead you to success.

For example, keeping to time, separating private and work, being trying to communicate in Japanese language are very important as you work in Japan.
You will find a job that suit you at Self Grow.

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